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Map of Escalanate, UT

Map of Escalante, UT
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Anasazi Indian Village State Park
The preserved ancient village at Anasazi Indian Village State Park was one of the largest Anasazi communities in Utah west of the Colorado River. Known as the Coombs Site, the village was occupied from 1050 to 1200 A.D. and may have been abandoned due to fire or drought. Part of the ancient village has been reconstructed and visitors can go inside the L-shaped abode. A brief excavation period unearthed about 100 buildings, plus thousands of artifacts which are on display in the park’s museum. The state park was officially established in 1960.

On Scenic Byway 12 -->
Anasazi Indian Village State Park is located at 460 North Highway 12 in Boulder. The six-acre park can be reached easily from Torrey via a 40-minute drive down Scenic Byway 12.

Kodachrome Basin
Kodachrome Basin is a spectacle of massive sandstone chimneys, ever changing from gray and white to shades of red with the day'smood.Numerous rocks andcoves offerKodachrome Basin - Photo solitude,quiet and unique desert beauty.
Opportunities include hiking, biking, photography and nearby off-highway vehicle riding areas.

Kodachrome Basin is nine miles south of State Route 12 near Cannonville. Overnight camping facilities, drinking water, modern rest rooms, hot showers and sewage disposal station are available. An area with picnic tables, fire pit, barbecue grills and electricity is great for group outings. A concessionaire provides horse rentals and camping supplies. The park has a resident ranger.

Escalante State Park
Escalante State Park features colorful deposits of mineralized wood and dinosaur bones. The 130-acre Wide Hollow Reservoir on the park's boundary adds water recreation and fishing. OHV riding areas are close by.

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